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What Makes You Feel Good?

Are you feeling disconnected from what nourishes you on a Soul level?  You know, the things that make you feel good about yourself so you feel in the moment, expansive and open to the unlimited possibilities that life has to …

    janelleWhat Makes You Feel Good?
    3 Warning Signs That You Need Stronger Boundaries 240x240

    3 Warning Signs You Need Stronger Boundaries

    Do your personal boundaries need some love and attention?  Clear boundaries are essential to getting your needs met and being able to create a life that you love. When you’re not clear on your boundaries then you don’t draw a …

      Janelle Legge3 Warning Signs You Need Stronger Boundaries
      Red Buddha 240 x 240

      How Healthy is Your Intuition?

      Intuition is one of the most powerful tools to success you have.  So why is it that so many women don’t listen to it, or trust it?  If you’re doing this then it’s time to see your intuitive powers in …

        janelleHow Healthy is Your Intuition?