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Why Being Unfriended On Facebook Can Be Good For You

What’s happened to the right to say “No” and set your own personal boundaries in life? Lately there have been some articles in the media on the negative cognitive and emotional responses to being unfriended on Facebook. But sometimes being tol...

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Narcissism in Business: Are Poor Customer Relationship Skills Robbing Your Business?

There’s a lot that’s been written about narcissistic business leaders – including how driven, focused and successful they can be – up to a point. But recently I’ve noticed a trend of narcissistic-styled approaches at the Customer Service le...

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Feeling Overwhelmed With Life? 5 Ways To Turn Your Life Around [Case Study]

Feeling overwhelmed with life is a slippery slope to stress, anxiety and low self-confidence. When you just sit with stress and it doesn't get addressed, it eventually takes its toll on your body, your physical and mental health, your love life, your...

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Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: Exile Of The Ugly Duckling

"In the parents' fantasy whatever child they have will be perfect, and will reflect only the parents' ways and means. If the child is wildish, she may, unfortunately, be subjected to her parents' attempts at psychic surgery over and over again, fo...

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Defeating Negative Self Talk: How To Free Yourself

Are you sick and tired of negative self talk that at times just seems to go on and on relentlessly inside your head? You know, the critical and dismissive negative voice that picks everything (including you) apart, and is never satisfied. Ever. If...

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Does Your Self Image Reflect The Person You Hope To Be?

Ready to amp up your confidence and self image so that you can get better results and be the person you hope to be? If you're feeling stuck, and are tired of stumbling around in the dark, guessing at what you should try next, and working way too hard...

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How to Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Last week at yoga, we harnessed the energy of Spring by working the wood element meridians, because wood is the element that represents Spring. It’s an assertive, forward moving, yet extremely grounded and “earthed” energy. So we did lots of si...

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Our Quest Is The Integration Of Science And Spirituality

"We are explorers and the most compelling frontier of our time is human consciousness. Our quest is the integration of science and spirituality, a vision which reminds us of our connectedness to the inner self, to each other, and to the earth." ...

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Why Most People Don’t Want To Take On Bullies

Bullying is a big issue in the workplace, and lots of other areas of our lives. What’s fascinating is the reluctance of people to take on a bully, regardless of their title, education, professional standing, and level of power that they hold in ...

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Why Living With Purpose Is One Of The Hottest Strategies For Success In Business And Life Today

Becoming purpose led is totally hot and high on the radar in business and large corporations today. Why? Because smart people in business know that sustainable business growth and achievement of strategic goals relies on having purpose, meaning, and...

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