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7 Essential Self Actualizing Mindsets and Behaviours: How to Achieve Self Actualization and Back Yourself

If you’re not backing yourself and your own ideas then knowing how to achieve self actualization is the antidote to living your life according to someone else’s ideas and rules.  It’s the pathway to evolving a style and philosophy that comes from your centre.  Choosing self actualization as a way of life, changes your life.  And if you look at artists, explorers, entrepreneurs, creators – anyone who’s totally rocking it and having a blast living their brand, you’ll find self[.....]

Why Finding Your Purpose is The Most Powerful Way to Boost Self-Confidence

I was talking about the entrepreneurial path the other day with someone when they asked me about my core offering, the Your Life Purpose Blueprint. They wanted to know why finding your purpose is so valuable and vital for women in business, and how it had impacted the lives of the women who had already accessed it.  When I started explaining how it worked and why it was so useful, she replied “Now THAT’S what you should be blogging about!”. [.....]

Abundance Mentality Law

Are you wondering why you’re not getting the abundance and freedom you silently desire? An abundance mentality starts with your mindset Abundance is a decision. It’s something you can learn. And the first principle to bringing in more abundance that most people don’t really get is – you need to know WHAT you want.  It’s so straight forward. Yet so many people just can’t be bothered spending the time to find out what they want. They think it has to be[.....]

3 Abundance Mentality Habits: How To Turn Fear On Its Head

If you’re wanting to step into your next level of business growth, having an abundance mentality is your essential ally for getting you to where you want to go – and beyond. And it’s something you have to fully embrace and own if you’re wanting to live more abundantly in every area of your life. Because change, whether it’s self-driven, or externally imposed, brings up fear and self-doubt. Guaranteed. Especially when it’s related to money. And if you give in[.....]